Internet Bullying C.17.01.25

It interests me when I read stories about internet bullying mostly on the social media like Facebook. Many people have been victims of internet bullying and yet for them rather than doing something intelligent like staying off Facebook they would rather stay on the page and accept the bullying.

I’m sure behind my back I have been bullied many times but because I refuse to engage in such nonsense I am really none the wiser and so it should be.

My simple advice for victims of on line bullying – Go Offline. Don’t read the crap being thrown at you. Close the account. It is not in your best health interest to continue to read abuse or respond to it because you are angry. Then once you are offline there is no need to go into hiding.

There is enough face to face bullying around, which can also be avoided than to walk into the lions traps by being on line with social media.

Be Smart – Ignore the crap.

Happy Celeritism


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