Trump Inaugurated C.17.01.21

Today is a turning point in history and it will be a wait and see situation. There is no doubt there is a lot of concern floating about but even so we have to at least see what happens. As for me I am sitting on the fence waiting. There is nothing I can do to change the situation so rather than give my views it is better to see where this Presidency leads.

There will be changes and perhaps some changes are needed. Have we become too used to the old system that we fail to see there could be a different approach.

As I said there is no point disputing the situation because it is as it is and now it will be up to the New President Trump to see what is around the corner, what tomorrow will bring.

For an easy transition, let’s wait and see what happens before any of us jump to conclusions, afterall the man is full of surprises whether for the positive or the negative.

Happy Celeritism


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