Methods of Relaxation C.17.01.18

There is no doubt Massages are very relaxing for the body. It is a time when the body can totally wind down and reset the stress system to zero.

We live in a stressful and worrisome environment and there are few outlets to allow these strains on the body to be released.

In the absence of access for a Massage the other calmer is Meditation. The simple thing about Meditation it can be done anywhere. The easiest is to sit in a chair and just relax – not sleep – just relax. I would also suggest a cool drink to help soothe the insides.

Meditation does not need to be complicated. Nor does Meditation need to be in a special surrounding in the Lotus position but rather relaxing in a comfortable chair, sitting in the garden or on the beach.

So find your method of relaxation and give your body a rest.

Happy Celeritism


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