Evolution and Now C.17.01.14

There is no doubt as a species we have evolved into a beautiful race of people. We have advanced in awareness and knowledge.

However amongst all the strengths of going forwards there are times our species suffers with withdrawal into the past.

Mythology is one of my favourite blasts and I am still baffled as to how so many people believe so many ridiculous things.

The Pharaohs of Antiquity were the gods of society and to think so many people actually believe the god ideals is real makes me constantly stop and wonder. Creation is still being taught as a biblical event when science has shown the mythological comparison.

Faith is the other ideal which amuses me because when you don’t have an answer faith is the default to satisfy your question.

Every question has an answer and if one still does not yet exist is because we have not progressed enough as a species to fully understand the issue and give the answer. In time questions will be answered as we uncover and discover more.

Happy Celeritism


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