Chromosomes C.17.01.10

We are made up of Chromosomes but do you know what the word means? Back in the 1800’s when the German Scientists were playing with cells and dyes under the microscope they noticed that the dye attached itself to parts of the cells. And not knowing what this was they called it Chromosomes. Chromosomes, meaning colored things.

So they found these coloured things now called Chromosomes.

They noticed something remarkable, the Chromosomes were dancing but not just dancing it was choreographed to precision.

The cells seemed to dance around and then when the cells collected in precise pattern they equally divided like a well orchestrated dance.

The cells arrange themselves as though there is an intelligence guiding them and then the division is made equally to resemble an equal separation. It took a long time for scientist to understand what was happening.

The Chromosomes split apart to make two copies of themselves. They line up along the middle of the cell and once they are all perfectly lined up they pull back and split apart.

It is really cool how these coloured things were discovered and before DNA was known and how these Chromosomes come together to duplicate and separate creating more Chromosomes pairs – coloured things.

Happy Celeritism


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