A Woman Beheaded in Northern Afghanistan C.17.01.09

It is hard to imagine that in this modern age there are societies and religions around the world still living in the Dark Ages.

This is very evident when you read reports about a 30 year old woman who dared to go to the city on her own and without her husband.

I don’t care how offensive this comment is about a culture but when it is so blinded by moral thinking then it does bare mentioning.

This innocent woman had her life stolen from her because she ventured outside her home and without supervision from her husband – this is very backward.

She was decapitated and stabbed to death for the infidelity act. This is a discriminatory rule against women which also includes loud speaking in public and being in the media.

This is a sickening and revolting rule which should be outlawed.

The punishments have included executions in sports stadiums and public lashings.

This human abuse is an insult to nature.

Happy Celeritism


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