T.V. History Class C.17.01.07

Media is a wonderful tool for learning. It is equally important to have an open mind to all information.

Television presentation is prepared with a certain marketing view and often it is catered for a certain audience.

When it comes to history, how much of it is truly unbiased? You can watch a documentary on the Royal family of England and yet it is up to the authors as to how they write the content. Every subject can be presented from different views and like the history books it is often one sided from the view of a particular understanding.

History is from the base of His Story – HiStory. And even though we have advanced with technology all stories remain a version of the person telling it.

There is very little in History which is clean cut correct without opposing opinions. Therefore watching a documentary on any subject is directed by the theory from the author’s perception.

T.V History class is a great way to broaden your knowledge base but at the same time always leave space for other views on the same subject.

Happy Celeritism


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