Vatican Wealth C.17.01.03

Religion and Royalty – the two ‘R’s holding a major stake in wealth and dominance. People mistakenly give to religion thinking it would resolve them from something they were told in a sermon. The truth is religion is a wealthy business. In the majority of countries religious groups are exempt from tax. And the poor are convinced their salvation lies in giving money to their church.

The Vatican holds obnoxious wealth. To enter Vatican City and to marvel at the contents of the Basilicas brings a clear understanding the wealth of the church.

It is time to mark the greedy and to expose the opulence enjoyed by the churches. This includes most denominations not only the Vatican head quarters for catholicises.

It is time to reset the focus of wealth and understanding and not be blinded by thralls of threats laced with fear.

Religion played its part when the average person was less educated in the sciences but now we are becoming more aware and more exposed to the understandings of life. It is time we moved into a world of love and kindness not of fear and threats.

Do not part with your money to religion because it only allows these groups to become wealthier while you become more entrenched in fear of a hell which does not exist.

Let us move toward a world of better understanding and sciences.

Happy Celeritism


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