Royalty Winding Down C.17.01.02

It is time we started to realize the concept of royalty is simply the strength of a family inheritance powered by wealth.

The origin of royalty was the ancient dominance of war when the power of murder and genocide became the victory of the winner.

We read about who would be in line for the throne when the Queen of England takes her final breath. The line of succession would be Charles and then his eldest William and his eldest and so on.

Royalty was gained through murder. Royalty was powered by bloodshed and yet the average person (I refuse to use the word common) bows and adores the royal descendants. They are treated with a gold spoon and yet deserve a good reminder of their ancestry genocidal beginnings.

The wealth acquire by the royal family also known as the firm was through threats of destruction. Lands were taken from their owners and those left to farm did so for the benefit and taxation of the kings and queens.

It is time the wealth be returned. It is time the lands properly distributed and it is time they joined the human race along with the rest of humanity.

Happy Celeritism


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