Chaos C.12.29

It is the time of year for after Xmas shopping and bargains are everywhere you go and there is chaos. Once upon a time it use to be confined to Boxing Day sales but now those sales extend for up to three weeks taking in the New Year. This allows the businesses to capture all shoppers not only the bargain hunters.

I have fallen down the shopping specials hole along with all the madness and chaos. I have to say though; items I had intended to purchase regardless flagged a 50% discount so you can imagine I am not complaining.

This massive chaos of specials every where you look is to entice you to buy things you would not normally buy and I have to hand it to them it really works. I certainly came away with a great deal more of items than I had planned to purchase but in doing so actually spent less than I had expected – so it was a win win situation.

Enjoy the chaos, go out and have fun shopping.

Happy Celeritism


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