Family Moments C.12.27

So how many of you have survived the family moments over this holiday season? I bet some of you have had the lid boil off the temper pot. I have managed to allow many casual spikes of comments go over my head like a wave at the beach, sometimes dumping me into the sands.

A glass or two too many can sometimes bring out the beast in family and when that doesn’t play to plan then there is always that dependable friend to give it a boost.

So, this season is great don’t you think? I mean all the expected joy sometimes spurts a few holes in the romantic idea of family get together.

Luckily my holiday moment has been reasonably good, I can’t complain but wow did I listen to other people cop some pretty heavy flack.

It is wonderful this time of the year only comes once a year because otherwise we would live in an already delicate – more conflicting world.

I still consider this my favourite time of the year because as always I eat too much to compensate for not drinking alcohol but it is also a good time for me with wide sober eyes to consume the gossip and take in the ranting of other people.

So hang in there just a few more days to go for another year and another 12months of wonder to come.

Happy Celeritism


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