Festive Day C.12.25

When it comes to Christmas many of my friends wonder how I celebrate this time of the year. It is presumed I gloss over this period of time turning my back on all the celebrations. Surprise, surprise – I love Christmas.

I grew up in a Catholic household and attended a Catholic school observing many of the religious traditions. Because I became more aware of the mythological content of religion doesn’t mean I have turned my back on celebrations. I consider Christmas a tradition which binds us together both socially and emotionally.

As a non believer, the end of the year represents a time for festivities with my family and friends. Although I do not celebrate the religious content of Christmas I do however celebrate this time exchanging gifts and reflecting on the year. Many Atheists celebrate the Christmas period with a decorated tree, lots of tinsel, gifts and indulging in all the festivities.

The weeks prior to Christmas Day I am out and about looking for the ideal gifts to give to my family and friends. I overindulge with the extra foods which seem to easily tempt me and I love being surrounded by music and decorations.

Come the night before Christmas my family visit for a relaxed dinner in my home with all the holiday trimmings. I have non religious Christmas music (although the odd religious piece sneaks its way in) saturating my home to give it a festive feel. I find myself humming the tunes and there is always the burst of singing. I think like most families – conversation can become rather colourful but generally it is a wonderfully relaxed time.

On the morning of 25th December, Christmas Day, my family visit my home again for the exchange and opening of gifts (Chrissy music blasting) and generally a lavish breakfast of bacon and eggs with all the extras. I enjoy opening gifts but more so I get such a tickle watching my family opening theirs. After breakfast I am off visiting family and friends for lunch. It is a day of visiting, opening gifts and eating. I do not drink alcohol so I make up for it by overindulging in food.  By late afternoon I am usually nodding off to sleep on someone’s lounge – I love it.

I find every year I am always too busy to stop and enjoy a relaxed time with my family and for me the Festive Season is the perfect moment when we can all wind down, talk and eat.

I often use the expression “Happy Festive Season” but I am not opposed to “Merry Christmas” afterall as a non believer I am respectful and aware of peoples feelings.

We live in a multicultural society and I love the differences surrounding me.

Celebrations have been a part of human culture for thousands of years both religious and non religious and I enjoy being a part of all celebrations.

Christmas is about family and friends; it is about coming together because often we don’t do it enough in our busy lives.

Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe – Merry Christmas.

Happy Celeritism


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