Gift Shopping C.12.15

It is that time of the year again when madness strikes and everyone is overindulging in buying gifts.

Once upon a time gifts use to be simple and from the heart. It is so difficult because everyone tries to compete to buy the better present.

Enough – I think it is time we go back to simple. It is crazy. The average person has everything they need and buying gifts is just a surplice hard to find a place in the home. Children are different; they love anything wrapped providing it is an expensive electronic gismo.

I have a system where I exchange gifts with only things we need. The problem is there is nothing I really want. A lot of people are in the same dilemma.

I think something simple as a favourite chocolate or yummy biscuits which goes down way better than an expensive piece I am likely to gift onto someone else with little appreciation.

So hold your hats my friends – it is yummy simple food from me this year and I still have time to bake those crunchy biscuits from my kitchen.

Be sensible – give simple.

Happy Celeritism


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