Choices in life C.12.01

We live with choice. We may think we don’t but we do. We choose to be who we are and we choose to be where we are.

It is without doubt we are influenced and we are manipulated to do and think as other people wish us to do but the real truth is we can break from expectations and be who we truly are.

Careers should be your choice not the choice of someone else. The love in your life should be your choice and not the choice of meddling family, friends or pressures from society.

We are the masters of our beings and once we take hold of whom and what we are we can reach heights of adventure and accomplishments.

Be the person you choose to be and be the captain of your life. Do not allow well meaning people around you to take hostage of your choices. You are the master of your life.

Make choices in your life for you.

Happy Celeritism


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