Aging C.11.30

Healthy aging is becoming further extended by great medical science and wellbeing. The population is living longer and it is great. Not only are older people living longer but they remain active and a part of both the work force and the community. I hope by the time I enter my elderly years they will have the know how to extend life. And like most people hopefully someone discovers how to get rid of wrinkles – that would be a bonus.

It is sad to read about young people throwing their lives away or damaging their bodies with abusive substances. We have only one life and one we should treasure and make the most of every moment.

Take care of your life so you can live to an old age, I know I certainly will because living is wonderful.

Age with grace and age with purpose and to heck with those people who say you must dress and act your age. What is that anyway? I say dress with attitude and act with confidence. Everyone ages, so go about it with a bang.

Happy Celeritism


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