Smoking C.11.21

Smoking is becoming a habit of the past. Fewer and fewer people are lighting up. I am not a smoker but I can understand how a life time habit would be difficult to stop.

Smoking is a long time tradition initially done with a pipe and generally of a drug like substance rather than the refined tobacco of today.

I have written about this in the past but it is worth mentioning again. I have heard numerous success of an alternate method to quit smoking.

This success is in the way of herbal cigarettes. You can purchase herbal cigarettes which looks identical to a regular cigarette except the smell is rather strong. In a period of about three months you can gradually ween yourself off tobacco. The headaches can be severe for the first few weeks but eventually your addiction to smoke leaves you. Give it a try.

Give it a try, herbalists or tobacconists stock them – it’s a great way to quit.

Happy Celeritism


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