Voluntary Euthanasia C.11.18

This is a subject which I can honestly say I am not totally comfortable with. I have heard many people labour to convince me that voluntary euthanasia should be allowed. But a small voice inside of me cannot completely say I am comfortable about the idea.

I understand the importance for each person to have the choice to life but I am not convinced that it will be used honestly. I would hate for voluntary euthanasia to be abused. It is all very well for people to say stringent systems will be put in place but we are dealing with human nature and people are not always trustworthy. We expect priests to live the moral high ground and yet how many priests have been accused of paedophilia. Some doctors have been discredited for their practices so you can see I am wary of the idea of euthanasia and the voluntary application be administered by someone you think you can trust.

I think voluntary euthanasia is something I cannot honestly say I feel comfortable about but then again in my mind I consider life precious at all costs.

We only have one life and I think we should strive to keep it.

Happy Celeritism


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