Abortion C.11.08

Abortion is a tricky subject from every angle. Should it be allowed? If we are to preach freedom of choice then the answer must be yes. Is it ethical or moral? Again this must be viewed by the circumstances surrounding the situation.

Life is precious and choice is important. It is not for someone outside the situation on a soap box to read the riot act on this subject but rather a very personal decision which can only be done by the woman in this situation.

It is not up to us as outsiders to deem what is the correct choice because there are always many factors involved in these decisions from medical to emotional.

Abortion is a choice which can only be decided by the person in the situation and not all the meaningful people who think they qualify to decide.

Sometimes we need to step back and mind our own business because this type of decision is hard enough without outside infliction.

Happy Celeritism


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