Victims of Life C.10.19

Whoa is me… How often we hear the pity of oneself and yet we make our own pity. I often go on about this but it is true, we make our own choices and we make our lives. We should not complain if the choices we make do not pan out accordingly.

The thing is if you put yourself in a position where there are consequences then you have to accept the results.

If you have complaints then you have to look more closely at what has caused the problem.

No one is a victim of life but of choice. We can be strong and make change or we can give in and accept what goes on around us.

Have you eaten in a restaurant and served by staffs who complain about their work? That staffs are there because they applied to be there. My advice would be if you don’t like what you are doing then change.

You are not a victim of life but rather the result of the life you choose.

Happy Celeritism


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