Raising and Influencing Children C.10.17

Being a parent is difficult at its best but knowing how to raise a child successfully is challenging.

In my thoughts parents should guide their children and be there to help them develop and learn about the world around them.

Too often parents consider it is their position to influence their children and forgetting the importance of allowing children the freedom to make choices.

It is not the place for any one to dictate what children should do with their lives.

Children need the space to make their choices. It is one thing to demand the best test results or to push excessively in sports or the arts but it is totally another to allow children to find their own place.

Should we strongly influence children with our wants and needs? It is better to observe where the children’s interests and likes are so they come to the fore. This includes the demand of certain studies and particularly the heavy handed following of religions.

It is important for parents to guide, to discipline, to encourage and most importantly support the choices and decisions of their children.

Happy Celeritism


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