Quest for Ideals C.9.29

We live in a rapidly evolving world and the need for various ideals has spread around all societies.

The variations in ideals are so great that we have become rather a congested and confused place and time to be alive.

Everyone feels they have the answer and the appropriate method but really a lot of what is around us is pure speculation and imagination.

These ideals include the many demanding religious beliefs, the ever growing alternative thinking and the new wave of imaginary doctrines.

What is the ideal quest? I think most people would agree that the quest to end wars and suffering. The end of poverty. The end of greed and domination.

Is there such a place as the perfect world? Well the answer is simple – Yes. And the reasoning is even more simpler and that is when everyone decides enough pain, suffering and jealousy is enough, then we can all move forward to a beautiful ideal.

You and everyone else have the power to make change because all the anguish in the world can stop once we refuse to allow it to occur.

Let us make a quest for the best ideal for humanity and make this a better place to be.

Happy Celeritism


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