Crazy Diets C.9.27

Weight is one of the many top of the list concerns. Some people go to lengths to spend a lot of money with all sorts of promises over diets. For other people weight is not an issue.

Body image has been promoted since marketing was initiated through media publicity. The importance of being trim is the goal of many people. But how important is skinny?

Some people go too far thinking super skinny is super cool but a body without a figure and curves is really just a pencil of bones.

Food should be consumed in a sensible and portioned fashion. If you eat large quantities then it is only expected those quantities will stay somewhere on your body.

Rather than going for radical diets try to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. Unless you have a medical issue weight can be managed by being sensible.

Put your money away for a great new wardrobe of clothes for when that time comes you have trimmed down with sensible habits.

Happy Celeritism


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