Sandwich Meal C.9.17

I had a great day in the city and loved the treat of being in a busy town. I live out in the outer city area and going into the city is a special occasion.

Okay so what does going to the city and having a sandwich have in common? Well this is the funny part. I find when I go to the city I get overwhelmed with the food selection and more so, the extreme price selection.

In the city it is difficult to find something simple to eat because everything is dolled up to look and taste special. This is a particular problem for me because I enjoy the simplicity of lunch. I look around for the simple salad without the major garnish or the easy to eat sandwich but too often I am paying twice more than I would normally pay for lunch for something less appetizing to my taste.

I enjoy my sandwiches and I couldn’t imagine my lunch being different unless it is a special occasion.

Lunch in the city is a time to drift away from the cheese and ham toasted sandwich and delve into the world of gourmet food.

Next time you make a special treat into the city prepare yourself for the special treat lunch.

Happy Celeritism


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