Social Media Fever C.9.14

It is inescapable the addiction to internet life. I have many friends who are mesmerised by Facebook day and night. I have one friend who will be debating some irrelevant subject til the early hours of the morning greeting sunlight with tired eyes.

Social media is a hypnotic tool which is zapping away the regular lives of many individuals. It is becoming a drug which is spinning out of control.

Most people have all their media notifications handy on their smart phones so not only phone calls, messages but also emails and Facebook alerts send the phone into buzzing frenzies.

I am tired of going out with friends who find the company of their smart phone more interesting than interacting with me – which says a lot about me!

So I have decided to only socialize with people who can put their phones away and only attend to urgent calls or messages otherwise I walk out while they are in mid fiddle with their phones. I have done this twice now and it took on both occasions for the friend to realise some time later because they were preoccupied with their phone, I had walked out on them.

I allot one moment in the day to sit down with my computer, this being my blog, email and to catch up on anything needed. This time I allot is mostly in the morning but if I have an early busy day it could be later. I am not a slave to my computer/phone.

Are you living your life in the moment or are you locked into social media fever? Life is great when you close your screen and discover there is a world to explore and friends to enjoy.

Don’t be a social media junkie.

Happy Celeritism


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