Budget Living C.9.13

I have been doing an experiment this year, well since the start of the year and the funny thing – it is becoming a normal for me. I decided to live on a budget. I came to realize my spending could be reduced dramatically by a bit of sassy shopping.

I have been living on a tight budget. I recognize I have the normal bills which I can’t escape like electricity, phone and so on but even so I have been able to reduce these bills a bit.

I made a promise to myself to not purchase anything at full price and it has been fun to say the least. I have been buying everything while on sale or as a special. All the foods and toiletries I purchase are only when they are on sale. So in the case of shampoo and conditioner, I purchase two or three sets so I stay in front and not have to purchase at full price, I do the same with soap. So far I have managed to keep using the brands I like all at discount prices.

I have reduced all impulse buying dramatically and purchase only what is needed. I intend to keep this going til the end of the year but the funny thing is all of this is becoming a habit and easy to do.

Shopping for clothes has been the same deal. I have not paid full price for clothes or shoes’ once again purchasing only what is on sale. I haven’t missed a thing. Even gift purchasing I have done with items on special. This can certainly be a great life style and the great thing is I am saving a lot of money. I don’t find myself pinching to pay bills anymore but rather I am able to tuck a little bit away as savings.

Shopping can be managed and not feel like it is a struggle with good sourcing.

Happy Celeritism


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