Framing the Conversation C.9.12

The trend in successful debate is called “Framing”. Framing is when you address a point of issue which may or may not directly affect the subject.

This is the playground for the politician when they want to grab the attention of voters. To make an impact on a debate or discussion – rather than addressing sticky points it is sometimes advantageous to move the attention to a different point, one which makes a good point.

It is easy to argue about major development in a residential area. The residents do not want a major shopping centre because it would upset the quiet life style of the area. The frame here is upsetting the quiet life style.  To counter this debate would be to frame the argument by not addressing the issue of the quiet life style but rather turning the topic to a different issue. The issue could be pointed toward the development would provide employment for the many local people who are struggling to find jobs. It is would provide a convenience for the area because it would provide goods and services otherwise difficult to access because of the remote location.

This is framing the conversation to give a point which is not addressing the concern but rather giving a point which gives rise to acceptance.

This technique is used when ideas need to be sold particularly by politician or even your local salesperson.

When you see the way it happens it is easy to spot it when you hear it.

Happy Celeritism


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