Destiny C.9.11

Predetermine destiny is nothing short of rubbish. There is no crystal ball or any other scope dictating our course in life. It is circumstances and situations driven by people that plot our course in life.

As individuals we plot our own course in life, it is we who make our choices not some magical mystical thing.

Destiny is our journey unique to us, it is the result of society actions and how we participate.

When you make a choice or come to a decision combined with activities around this it sets the sails of the direction.

You are the master of your journey. When things don’t work the way you expect then don’t sulk and blame the world around you but rather realise it is from choices made.

“When things fail to go to plan, then plan to ensure failure is left behind you.”

Plot your destiny and don’t sit idle thinking it is beyond your control. Destiny is the story of your life and you are the only one who can author its content.

Happy Celeritism


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