Laughter C.9.8

Laughter is the best medicine. This is an old expression and rather a true one. You feel good when you laugh because you release feel good chemicals in your brain.

I am not too sure about these laughing classes but to laugh at the idea of going to a class to laugh is laughable. I read it on the back of a car at the supermarket yesterday and reading it made me laugh.

I agree laughter is good for you but also happiness and pleasure makes life comfortable.

Sometimes it is difficult to laugh especially when there is nothing to laugh about and this is where technology comes in. When I feel a little tense and need a bit of uplifting I turn on the television. Amongst the many channels there is always a comedy to watch. A movie or sitcom is relaxing in itself but when you feel the need for a lift taking an hour off to sit and relax is better than any laughter class could provide.

So when you need a dose of happiness and laughter let our technological advances be the medicine.

Happy Celeritism


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