Violence on the screen C.9.7

This is a topic often discussed amongst professionals who feel excessive violence on the screen leads to an unhealthy need to do harm.

I dislike the constant inclusion of violence but often it is not the amount of violence but rather the way it is presented.

In some aspects violence adds the guts to a movie and without it would make the experience rather boring. It is rather the understanding that the violence being witnessed is not real but from the mind of a creative thinker. Distinguishing the real from the fantasy is the line creative writers are challenged to produce.

Violence is not an easy sight but in the balance of things I have come to recognize it is a part of the whole picture.

I think a greater effort needs to be made to bring it to the attention of the viewer that violence as horrid as it is – is a part of this world. But more importantly is to recognize that violence can be contained on the screen and not brought out into the real world.

Keep the on screen violence in perspective and know what you are watching is for entertainment. Allow any aggression you have toward the result of viewing violence to dissipate from you.

I recognize we need a balanced world but we also need a safe world.

Happy Celeritism


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