Expert Advice C.9.6

Advice from a knowledgeable source is important in these times of technological and scientific improvements. There is so much information in the world today it is falling all over itself.

Expert advice no matter how well studied and informed is none the less a personal approach. Advice is like candy it can bring satisfaction or excess weight and problems.

I respect the advice from learned people while at the same time allowing other advice to be heard. I have learnt that not always is the expert right although their averages would probably be very high.

When I receive expert advice I digest it, I process it and I give myself time to try to understand it. If I feel something does not appear to feel right I ask a myriad of questions.

There is a blurring line between advice and opinion and both can be questioned.

Always take the time to check all advice including expert advice because even the experts don’t always have all the correct advice.

Knowledge is a powerful tool and can be used in as many good ways as wrong ways.

Always er on the side of caution and particularly with medical advice never be afraid to consult alternate expert advice. You may be surprised to find that even the experts often don’t agree and something as important as medical science has a wide field.

Be smart, listen to the experts, then do your homework and then follow up with other experts and then when you have as many facts in front of you – be wise and you be the expert with your choice.

Happy Celeritism


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