Opening the Mind C.9.3

Sometimes it is hard to see things from a different point of view. It is hard to open our minds to other aspects of understanding. It is however to our best interest to at least entertain different ideas and thinking because it broadens our knowledge base and understanding of many subjects.

A closed mind is often considered a stubborn mind and even if you don’t agree to a topic then listening and viewing another point cannot cause harm.

I have an open mind up to a certain point. There are certain aspects of knowledge and information I refuse to accept. I refuse to accept anything supernatural or mythological because I am a firm thinker of everything has an explanation. I also realise that in the event of a lack of an answer or understanding I consider myself humble enough to acknowledge that as a human being we have not advanced enough as a species to have all the answers. To give a reasoning to an unexplained event or understanding with a mystical answer is not acceptable.

It is important we open our minds to all possibilities and thinking but even open mindedness has its limitations. Be sensible and know as our species advance so will many unanswered questions and phenomena will be explained.

Happy Celeritism


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