The life of Luxury C.9.2

The perception of luxury varies depending on the person. Luxury is not always considered the finer things but could also be as simple and humble as a place to sleep and eat.

Luxury is a matter of perspective and the mixture of ideals. There is no doubt luxury can be obnoxious while being opulent. I use to wonder what luxury would be like until one day I realised I had all the luxury I needed.

Amongst the sickness, fighting and abuse around the world being safe and comfortable is an undeniable luxury to me.

Luxury although it is measured by material possessions and life styles it is also a state of mind – Because if your situation doesn’t make you happy then all the luxury in the world will not compensate for you.

Luxury is a state of mind combined with things around you. The measure of the things around you is perceived through your state of mind.

Happy Celeritism


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