Mistakes C.9.1

Mistakes are an interesting concept and rather misleading. The misconception being that it is only a matter of being relative to the subject. Buying the wrong dress or choosing the impractical tool is called mistakes but rather they are the product of judgement.

Most things we do in life are emotional choices and when that emotion cools for whatever reason we see the situation differently. It is seeing the moment through different emotions that we assess the situation or the action as a mistake.

Mistakes are just another way of saying our choice was off. We need to have these awkward moments so we can distinguish between ideas and needs.

Mistake in partners is always an emotional issue but then it is how we handle that mistake which counts.

We can be so angry with the choice we had made that it is easy to become arrogant over the mistake. Or we can laugh at our ridiculous mistake and know it is what makes us more appreciate what is around us.

Never be harsh about making mistakes because mistakes are a part of what makes who we are. So instead of beating yourself up over a silly mistake see the amusing side of your choice and know you are going about life the same as everyone else.

Happy Celeritism


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