Paranoia C.8.31

Events in a person’s life can create a paranoia which seems to grow unnecessarily. Mild forms of paranoia do occur daily. Paranoia is when something happens which affects a person emotionally. It can be as simple as crossing the road and a car not stopping for you causing you to run. The next time you cross the road you become over mindful of the car stopping or deliberately trying to scare you. It could be as small as being scratched by a cat, a friendly cat that was just for a moment in a bad mood. The next time you steer clear of that cat having developed paranoia of being scratched. Food poisoning from seafood can have you shy away from this type of food because of fear.

Paranoia is a fear of something that has or could happen. We could live our lives with paranoia or we could accept that stuff does happen and even if it happens a second time it doesn’t mean it will always happen.

Live for today and for the moment and don’t get caught up in paranoia because you will miss a lot of living.

Happy Celeritism


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