Circus Animal Cruelty C.8.30

Media is a great tool to allow the world to know the cruelty of entertainment animals. It had never really occurred to me the cruelty involved in training the animals for shows. However with the use of media reporting this evil practice has been brought to my attention.

You could probably regard it as naïve of me not to recognize the pain and suffering these animals experience. On the outside from an inexperience view the animals always appear happy and healthy and enjoyed their life in show business. But I have been dreadfully wrong. As it has clearly been pointed out to me these animals suffer greatly at the hands of their trainers and money interested managers.

Let us come together in whatever way possible to stamp out this type of entertainment. Animals should be able to enjoy their lives freely and without any heavy burden. Let us not be fooled by the outer crust of what we see but rather learn to understand the emotions these beautiful animals live with through the hands of their tormentors.

Animals should be free to be animals and we should respect their right.

Happy Celeritism


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