Art of Conversation C.8.29

The art of conversation is slowly becoming a dying form of communication. I have been noticing a lot of people tend to shout more often than talk. It is a shame that such a beautiful form of communication is becoming loud and angry.

Every situation can be discussed rationally without shouting and anger. I have a neighbour whose only form of talking is shouting and not necessarily at me. She will angrily tell me about the barking of neighbour’s doors, she will scream to me how the kids down the road are always too loud. It has come to a point I make every effort to avoid her because I don’t want to be splashed with her anger.

When conversation is formed with amicable, understandable and well presented words then it is easy to maintain an audience.

Any point can be raised regarding a concern but often it is not the problem but instead the mode of delivery. I would have a bit of compassion for my neighbour if only she spoke in a tone and sound level compatible with my ears.

We all have something to say at many moments but it is how we deliver our message which makes the difference. It makes a difference to how it is received and accepted.

Consider your art of conversation and whether your message is being wasted or heard. Communication is important and how we deliver it – equally important.

Happy Celeritism


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