Harmful Threats C.8.24

The power in threats is only when they are received and accepted. A threat has no power if no one hears it and that is what makes it sticky is how it is accepted.

Threats come in many packages. They can be perceived in an illness. Sometimes a person can go about their business for years not knowing they carry a sickness. But when they are told very often their reaction is what makes it harmful or not.

I remember some years ago I started an email account – the free variety. I gave out my contact email to many people at the time. After about a year I could not get into my account and eventually it forced me to open another account. During that time I did mix with what some people would call the wrong crowd but I was going through one of those bumps in life’s road. It wasn’t until many years later and a different living location I stumbled across some papers I had stored in a box during one of my many moves. In the box was an old piece of paper with the details of the old email account I had some years back. Just for the heck of it I tried to open the account again and the password I used worked. I don’t know why the account failed me so long ago perhaps I was typing the wrong password, but now I could get into it.

What surprised me the most was the account was not automatically closed, as I thought it would but rather it remained active. Well to my astonishment there was a lot of correspondence unopened for me. The funny thing is there was one constant threat from one particular person who remained anonymous and in it was threatening.

The person must have thought I was ignoring the threat and decided to get dirtier with their words. I have to laugh now because if I had read it at that time I would have probably been very worried and taken the threats seriously. But because I did not read them until many years later the threats no longer held any value. I have no idea if this person used their power to dirty my name to the other party but now it all seems rather comical.

The point is a threat has no power if there is no audience. A threat has no power unless it is received and accepted. A threat can be received but not accepted as this lesson has taught me. Therefore the power of threats is only in the mind of the vulnerable receiver otherwise like this old email account it falls away to nothing and becomes a story to tell many years later.

Never be taken by threats of any sort.

Happy Celeritism


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