Fun Moments C.8.23

Life should be a balance. A balance of work and play. I don’t think anyone on their death bed regrets not working longer and harder but rather not spending more fun time.

I have this method of an hour of nonsense per day. This is an hour of fun and of course if my whole day is fun than better still.

We need a dose of fun in our lives and we need to have it for a bit each and every day. So put aside a time for fun even if it is only to watch something silly on the TV or to be a bit over the top with your dog or cat.

Having fun should be a major component of living because life should not be only about work because by the end of our day and our time on our death bed we should be remembering the fun times we had.

Enjoy each day with a bit of fun, you will never regret it and actually it will make you feel very much alive.

Happy Celeritism


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