Confusion C.8.22

Life is not an easy path to travel and constant confusion of the world around us occurs. I often step out and think to myself am I melding with my surroundings? I consider myself to have an alert and clear head but even so I experience moments of confusion. It is in those nano moments of confusion I get to understand how some people live this way most of their lives.

Confusion use to be the ailment of the older person but there are as many younger people who become confused. To be confused in a moment draws in the mixture of all ages.

I think one of the most important points to remember is when you feel the moment of confusion know that it is experience by everyone at some point in their lives. It is a moment and is attributed to our brain function in a slight miss for a bit.

Don’t become worried if you have a moment of confusion but rather understand we all experience this from time to time. When confusion becomes a medical condition than the signs are more obvious and more pronounced so in the meantime know you are among the majority.

Happy Celeritism


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