Simple Minded People C.8.16

Simple mindedness is not a bad thing but I think rather a good thing because life is less complicated. It was once said simple mindedness was called ‘stupid’ in its correct understanding.

We have a large variation in levels of mindedness and each contributes to the thinking and understanding of the human race.

The subject of simple mindedness, this group contribute toward humanity in a specialized area. Often this group of people are consistent, reliable and hold a great deal, sometimes more, qualities than of the highly educated and street wise community.

Sometimes life can get too complicated and to be in the company of simple is very refreshing. This group of people see the world with a fresh understanding that sometimes other people neglect to notice or overlook.

We need all kinds to function as a race and whatever you relate to in life know that your contribution equals all other categories.

I like the honesty and reliability of simple thinking and although this would seem like discrimination it is not but rather recognition of people I know personally with affection.

Happy Celeritism


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