Bullying by friends C.8.15

Bullying of any kind is nasty but the subtle push by people called friends is increasing. We hardly think of bullying being subtle but in fact it is as emotionally damaging as obvious physical and verbal bullying.

Friends and even family members can swing a subtle yet cutting remark which in a sense is bullying. The reminder you are putting on weight or the type of clothes you are wearing and even in the job you hold.

Bullying can derive from judgement – A judgement or an unwelcomed comment from someone which knifes at the core of you.

Have you had that slight of a comment made toward you which flattens your ego and deprives you of the smile in your life, well that slip of a comment is bullying.

The delivery of a comment can be done in many ways but it is how it is said and intended which makes it lethal.

Be aware of your words and think of the person receiving your comments. Criticism and advice is good provided it is delivered with good intentions.

Happy Celeritism


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