Childhood C.8.3

Do you remember much about your childhood? I have to admit I can only recall spits and spats of it. I remember the big events. I remember the hurtful events and I remember the special events but everything in between is a blur.

It puts me to shame when many of my friends can remember small and every detail of their childhood.

It occurred to me when I was listening to a family member talk of the early years that we choose how and what we remember. I have come to realize if what we remember doesn’t fit into our ideals we do embellish it to make it feel and sound more plausible.

Childhood is the time we are learning, understanding and most importantly exploring. No one needs to be embarrassed or ashamed of their childhood. What matters is now and the course we choose to take.

Do not blame your childhood experiences for anything because everyone was learning a new experience but rather take your childhood and decide how you would like to live your life today.

It is today which matters and memories is our personal history which can be stored away for a rainy day.

Our childhood does not define who we are today but rather it is who we are today which defines us.

Happy Celeritism


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