Arguments C.8.2

I just hate arguing do you? Sometimes I think to myself some people stand on ceremony on subjects they know little about. I suppose we all know little about everything but even so to stand and listen to the few facts we do know around us being thrashed is ridiculous.

In every argument there are two sides to a point. There are sometimes more than two sides. It is worth our while to listen to all aspects of the discussion. I know of one person who rarely speaks but when she does she talks with a stern, I know it all, attitude and one bordering on arguments.

I think the art of conversation has been lost to many people; it is a shame really because misunderstandings can be resolved if only people would talk rather than argue.

I love a great debate but I must admit after many years of failed attempts I have finally learnt to listen and realize some interesting points. Although I may not agree with the full contents of a discussion, debate or argument sometimes there are nano spot of intelligent points I can agree upon.

It is worth our while to not waste our time arguing but rather learn to listen and discuss, it is amazing what can be both learnt and resolved.

Happy Celeritism


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