Money C.7.27

Greed is an addictive illness and one which harnesses the most honest of people. It is a fact it cost money to be born – live and die. Sadly it is a necessity all too familiar to everyone.

It would be wonderful to live in a moneyless society because money commands a certain power.

The power money welds commands dominance and control over the people who live without money.

Can we live without the demands of money? I think we can attempt to lower our level of expenses – Afterall there are many people who are forced to do so.

There are the basic necessities, which I might add is a corruption in itself and then there are frivolous things which can be monitored.

I think we need to treat ourselves now and then so I don’t subscribe to total abolition of nice things.

Some times I have had to curve my spending habits because of expenses and the habits I gained then I continue to use.

When products are on special like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioners for example I purchase enough to cover myself til the next promotion. I think I have saved myself a lot of money in that alone.

Instead of shopping at the mall I often shop in my wardrobe and with a little flair and sometimes a stitch here and there I can turn over an old outfit into something new.

I recycle shopping bags for garbage bags and even though my space is small I have managed to grow some popular herbs like parsley and basil.

Overall I have gathered some very good habits and am noticing I don’t spend as much as I use to before. Garage sales are great when there is something special to buy and don’t go past Gumtree on the internet for that necessity.

I think if you are inclined you can lower your cost of living and not depend upon money as much as you need.

Happy Celeritism


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