Marriage and Sex C.7.21

Marriage is the legal union of two people. The compatibility of a couple is a source of fulfilment and enjoyment.

Sex is NOT a requirement of marriage. There are many very happy couples who never have sex. Their reasons are different and unimportant to the outside person. The union of marriage is the legal representation of the couple’s right to be together and sex does not need to be included.

Regardless of how you wish to dispute this claim, it is irrelevant because it is the influence of society which dictates what is expected but even society does not have the right to make your personal choices.

Sex is not the business of any person other than the person it involves. The church has no right and no say in your choice of how you decide the use of your body.

No priest and no marriage celebrant have the right to ask you the private question of a sexual nature. No therapist or well meaning doctor may tell you what to do with your body.

Sex is not a requirement of marriage or of life. You choose to do with your body as you wish and don’t allow anyone to say otherwise.

Happy Celeritism


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