Secrets C.7.16

It amazes me how so many people feel the deep need for secrets. Privacy and Secrets are different. Information of a personal nature is different from the need to keep petty things a secret.

I dislike the mystery of a secret and would rather turn my back on such a childish behaviour and focus on more stimulating things in life. When a friend pretends to hold a secret or the governments hold back secrets of national importance.

Private matters on a personal level, like illness or family matters is just that personal but silly things like who is catching up with who because who would be jealous is ridiculous.

If you wish to keep secrets of a silly nature than good luck because often the mystery will take its course. And the idea of gossip versus secrets is another non tolerance. I dislike gossip because too often it has been added with artistic flair.

No, if you wish to hold silly secrets perhaps to cover silly lies then I can see why this world is so confused.

Keep it simple.

Happy Celeritism


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