Violent Commercials C.7.5

I realized while watching television last night how violent commercials had become. Generally I take a break during the commercials but recently I have noticed the few I have seen tend to relay their message in violence.

I have always been one never to really bother about what flicks on the screen but it occurred to me while trying to sleep last night that there was too much negative telling.

I started to think back on the many commercials I did watch and realized there was very few that didn’t engage violence to get their point across. I enjoy the ones with music and dance to sell their products and often find myself singing along but I have to admit I leave to do my bathroom call when the message is less than pleasant.

Marketing violence to get a message across, I think, can have a negative impact on some very vulnerable people. I for one dislike it in the early evening after a busy day.

There is enough violence in the world without it being in messages to sell a product or have we become so complacent that most of us fail to notice.

Violence in every area of life should not happen and particularly to sell or send a message to the public.

Happy Celeritism


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