Intelligence C.7.4

Intelligence – how can that be denied? Some people determine the validity of a species by their intelligence but in the end isn’t survival intelligence in itself?

When you look at an insect do you consider it intelligent?

Intelligence is often overlooked because of its size or position in the world. Insects have the natural capacity to survive, being they hunt and they reproduce.

Animals have intelligence; we cannot define their abilities by our own human standards.

Humans made it to the top of the food chain but only because our brain size developed more.

Intelligence comes in different levels and awareness as much as we would like to deny it all species have awareness as well. Animals know when they are prey; animals know when they need to eat.

Let us respect all living species and recognize that because their make up is different and their position is in a different direction to us that everything alive is both aware and intelligent.

Happy Celeritism


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