Prophecy C.6.30

Is there such thing as a prophecy? I think what a prophecy is – is an educated guess or a logical course of actions.

No there is no such thing as a Prophecy no matter how you spin it. Karma is another ancient thinking and this type of thinking has come from the minds of people who had little understanding of the true nature of the world around them.

We make our world. We create the environment we live in and we all have a hand in the results of our actions.

Prophecies are a romantic idea that someone has superior knowledge of the future over anyone else. And yet one simple act can change a future for ever. A death, a fire, a change in circumstances can bring about a different future of those people left to experience it. As for knowing the future whether it be fortune telling or prophecy then you have to weight the many misses against a few hits which only shows such thinking is random.

Live in the moment and don’t be persuaded by such nonsense as prophecies particularly the type that keeps telling us the world will come to an end.

If we destroy this planet it is because we made it happen not because of any prophecy.

Happy Celeritism


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