Fear C.6.25

It is said you should face your fears. I don’t agree. I hate the idea of parachuting out of a plane and yet I will not jump just to overcome this fear. The thought of me climbing rocks and then sailing down gives me the shivers and yet you will not see me sailing down a rocks ledge to prove otherwise.

If you have a healthy fear of something you can go through life without having to face it. I dislike spiders and snakes but if I had to face them in my 100 to 1 chances then I will deal with the situation then. I will not go out and coddle a snake to make me feel otherwise.

We live in a blanket society where the necessity to prove a fear is not required. Manhood and Womanhood can be achieved in so many other ways. We can live our whole lives without having to face the terrors of life and why should be do otherwise.

So if there is something you fear then you are not alone, many of us have a fear of something. It doesn’t mean we have to go out and conquer it.

Enjoy the comfortable part of your life.

Happy Celeritism


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